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Who We Are

Marex Subsea Welds Ltd is a global Diving Contractor specializing in Coded Welding, with the aim to provide services in Marine and Civil Engineering to the Inland/Inshore industry.
We provide technical solutions and Welding Services under both Welding Codes (EN ISO 15618-1 & AWS D.3.6M:2017) to enable the delivery of complex projects in water depths up to -50m bellow sea water line and challenging environments. 
Marex Subsea Welds provide expert welding services and consultancy to the welding and engineering industries, both nationally and internationally.
Our expertise covers a wide range of welding processes, materials and operational environments. If you have a welding issue or any technical query relating to any of the following topics, we will be pleased to assist you:
  • Approved Coded Welding Services (Dry & Wet)
  • Welding Engineering/Technical Advice Services
  • Assessment of contract documentation & design reviews
  • Welding co-ordination tasks & responsibilities in accordance with ISO 14371
  • Technical on-site representation
  • Developing and approving welding procedure specifications
  • Qualification testing of welders
  • Welding inspection and non-destructive testing
  • Mechanical analysis and corrosion testing
  • Weldability issues and failure analysis
  • Writing and auditing of quality documents/systems to ISO 3834

We also offer our services as subcontractor in welding procedure development and approval, welder training and qualification testing, welding inspection/NDT,NDI, NDE together with welding products and consumables. We are an approved Welding Training Center by Speciality Enterprises and an official distributor of Speciality Welds consumables and products.

Our vision is to be acknowledged by our clients, accosiates and our people  as a strategic partner in the market.