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How We Work

MAREX Subsea Welds is renowned for its ability to succeed with all missions entrusted to its staff: Reliability, Timeliness of work, Quality of work, Safety of its own teams and its clients', team's Confidentiality. In MAREX, we take Client's needs seriously. That's why, before we start operations on site, we present, demonstrate and simulate the work plan and all the relevant documentation & lab tests to ensure the result, when projects involve Welding & N.D.T. Inspections.
Specializing in Custom-Made Solutions
We cover every phase : Identification of needs, Feasibility studies, Virtual 3D modelling and animation, Turnkey construction, Maintenance. Depending on project requirements, we can design and manufacture any construction required which can make the project successful.
ABS Quality Evaluation – ISO 9001
Marex is approved for its management system by the American Bureau of Shipping for the following topics:
  • Coded Hyperbaric Welding Services (Dry & Wet)
  • Recearch, Development & Approval of Welding Procedures
  • Underwater Welder Training for Commercial Divers (the WeldCraft-Pro)
  • Manufacturing & Supply of Diving and Welding Equipment
The Passion and Ambition for overcoming Major Challenges
MAREX has been meeting challenges for over 20 years, on the basis of a simple and precise logic: To any problem raised by a client:
  • We find the solution
  • We design and produce the solution
  • We implement the solution with highly professional teams that focus on safety and quality.
Entrust your projects to MAREX; MAREX will take up the challenge!