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The diversity and complexity of projects within the inland/inshore subsea market are shifting rapidly and Marex always keeps up with the latest developments of the increasing global engineering demands and meets every challenge which is of great importance for Marex Subsea Welds. We have a long tracable record, people with high levels of industry expertise, marketdriven technologies and high-performance equipment required to execute these projects safely and effectively.
We differentiate ourselves by delivering high-quality services that are based on our core strengths of engineering, project management, supply chain and supported by our commitment to invest in peopletechnology and equipment. 
We constantly target to prospects that match our capabilities, have an acceptable calculated risk and generate attractive input. We have well established relationships with large international and national construction companies, smaller independent contractors, regional suppliers and other service providers, all of which are based on maintaining a strong local infrastructure.
Through investment, we reveal and develop our personel's capabilities and deliver an effective local supply chain. Our aim is to deliver performance which is sustainable, transferable, consistent, reliable and profitable.