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Shipping Industry

Marex Subsea Welds on site, hull repair services include the renewal of both small and large compartments of damaged hull plating.
These repairs can be carried out above or below waterline, according to the circumstances, with tailor made cofferdams. Normal commercial activities can therefore continue without any disruption.
Marex's team carries out these in-situ hull repairs all over the world. In most cases the damaged area can be replaced with a permanent insert.
Marex has developed and delivers permanent hull repairs on vessels afloat, fully approved without the need of going dry dock.
How do we perform?
We start with an inspection to evaluate and determine the magnitude of damage. 
  • Custom made cofferdam secures the outside part of the hull to keep water out and create a dry environment during repair.
  • Crack removal/defective plating crop
  • We adjust the Insert
  • Insert's tack welding in place
  • Full penetration welding from inside (and/or ceramic backing strip from the outside) ship and frame renewal if needed
  • Independent ultrasonic testing to verify the quality of welding
  • Cofferdam removal.

On the rare occasions where the damage does not allow such a repair, a temporary doubler plate is installed over the affected area. This allows the owners to keep their schedule until the next dry dock visit when they can arrange a permanent repair.
Marex Subsea Welds has developed more than seventeen (17) approved welding specification procedures (WPS) under both codes for Hyperbaric Welding, AWS D3.6M:2010 and EN ISO 15618-1, Class I, Type A & B Weds accordingly.