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Onshore Industry

For the maintenance and renewal of underwater structures such as quay walls, tunnels or locks, sheet piles, piles and pipelines our engineering skills can be utilized to deal with any problems that have to do with Hyperbaric Welding. Marex Subsea Welds services and its specialists include between others:
  • sheet piles or replacement (Approved Welding Procedures)
  • pile repairs or replacement (Approved Welding Procedures)
  • pipe line repair (Approved Welding Procedures)

Underwater inspections and surveys can be carried out using CCTV, underwater non-destructive testing, ultra-sonic testing and MPI. Other technologies are also available upon request. Please inquire with our engineering department for latest developments.

Marex Subsea Welds possesses a series of large habitats measuring from 2 meters up to 12 meters in length, complete with access shafts and lock/decompression chambers to allow for underwater work in dry environment. This is carried out, for example, on lock door rails, lock sills, pipelines, piles and underwater structures in general. Simulation technology is available through specific sofisticate software.
Turnkey projects are planned and managed by Marex in close cooperation with the customer. Our service includes the formulation of safety guidelines, the mapping of working procedures, the design and construction of the cofferdam and any other necessary equipment all the way through the repair or replacement.
To be able to do this, Marex has a technical department capable of executing all the required planning, an in-house Research & Development department that can perform the engineering aspect of an operation and a team of experienced diver/technicians qualified to act upon a full range of repair procedures in even the most adverse conditions.
Our technical department and diving teams are trained to carry out exact procedures and deliver a professional services in a short time yet maintaining high quality.