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Marex receives ISO 9001:2008

After two months of preparation and hard work, Marex received in its premises the ISO 9001:2008 for its Quality Management System on the fields of Coded Hyperbaric Welding (Dry & Wet) ServicesUnderwater Diver Welder Training for Commercial DiversDevelopment and Approval of Welding ProceduresManufacturing & Supply of Diving and Welding Equipment. The evaluation was divided in two stages. On stage 1 the first audit was contacted by Mrs. Anthy Kefalidou  who visited Marex's facilities on November 2014 to audit and certify the company's procedures. The second audit which took place on December 2014 was performed by Mrs. Vicky Baklessi on our premises. Her role was to ensure that the changes with the former evaluator suggested were implemented. The certificate was attributed to Marex by Mrs. Baklessi on 16th December 2014
Mrs. Baklessi, A.B.S. Quality Evaluator, delivers 
the Certificate.